Ever Fancied Having Your Own Pet Hamster?

You always had a soft spot for a cute, furry pet hamster. Just thinking about how much fun your family and friends would have with your pet leaves you tingling with excitement!

This site is a terrific resource for any owners who have little experience to years of experience and ready to learn more! Find answers to your questions now. Browse the sections below:

Learn All About Hammies

Hammies aren't just cute, they have a surprisingly rich history and amazing survival skills.

Meet My Hammy!

cute golden teddy bear hamster held in hands

We adopted Spider-ham when he was just 6 months old. Of course he's just adorable. But it is his friendly and gentle nature that really attracted us.

Spider-ham is a golden Syrian (AKA Teddy Bear/Fancy Bear). He has mostly short hair but some long roots, too!

Yet they can be the gentlest pet for children and adults alike. Find answers for questions like "how much will pet hamsters cost?" and "how long do they live?".

And get ideas for good hamster names for your new pet!

Meet The Different Species

The toughest decision you'll have to make when considering getting one is which species to choose! They are 5 to 6 pet species. All of them are adorable and want a parent like you. Which one is the cutest, gentlest, most social, active, and exotic...?

Get their bios here and find out!: Syrian (aka Teddy Bear or Fancy), Chinese Striped Back, Siberian (aka Winter White), Russian (aka Campbell), Roborovski, and European (aka Common or Giant).

See adorable pictures and videos of these critters!

Arm yourself with these hamster care tips

As a new pet owner, you'll quickly fall in love with the time you spend with your pet. Know what to do when your pet escapes, games and tricks to practice, and generally how-to tips.

hamster pictures

Know when your hamster may be ill and what to do if you've noticed mites, hair loss, crooked/chipped teeth, hibernation, Wet Tail, or other health issues.

Read cool cages and accessory Reviews

With so many products out there, get an idea of what to look for and where you can get it the cheapest. See reviews on cages, cage accessories, and other supplies.

Reach Out!

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I hope you enjoy your stay. Keep in touch!

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