Baby Hamster Videos

From Newly Born to Three Weeks Old

Baby hamsters grow so quickly. In just three weeks, these babies are off on their own. The grow from the size of a dime to several inches long. See how fast these babies grow!

Birth Giving

These two hamster birth giving videos are not for the squeamish! The video depicts two hamster mothers giving birth then eating the placenta (normal behavior) and licking the pups clean. Afterwards the mother will huddle over her pups to keep them warm.

It is not suggested to touch the baby until several days later since the mother will cannibalize as a result.

Hairless newborn hamsters

These babies are nude, eyes and ears still closed. They cannot thermoregulate and will rely completely on their mother's warmth and milk. They are very tiny, about the size of a quarter.

One Week Old Hamster

By one week, a hamster would have grown most of its fur. Its eyes are still closed and they still require their mother for milk and heat.

Two Week Old Hamster

Around 9-10 days, a hamster's eyes will open up and begin to explore on their own. They are still smaller than a grown hamster. Their features are still baby like: big head, eyes, and paws!

Three Week Old Hamster

By three weeks, a baby steps into adulthood. They would be weaned off their mothers. They should be able to drink from a water bottle and eat solids foods. They are much bigger and very active.

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