Panda Bear Hamster

Adorable, Cuddly, Bamboo-worthy!

A Panda Bear Hamster is just as cute as the real thing! The black face and black rear end contours the white mid section of the hamster, giving them a cute and elegant look!

Color & Pattern. The All Black Hamster and Panda Hamster are the most popular Syrian hamster coats. The Panda Hamsters typically have their head and maybe the legs in black fur. There is a white ring of fur around the waist. And the rear end of the hamster is in black again.

In essense, this is a black hamster with a white ring. But, because it looks simlar the real Panda Bear, it have been affectionately named the Panda Bear. And it's just as cute, don't you think?

A classic Panda Bear Hamster
panda bear hamsters

The nose, paws, and tails are in the usual pink, skin color. And the coat does not require any maintenance such as combing or washing!

Conclusion. Personally, I love the look of this hamster. The black fore and rear gives the hamster a frame to the body. The white fur in the middle of the body makes the hamster seem even chubblier than reality. They are simply irresistible!

This hamster is popular but you might not find it at a local pet store. Even with local breeders, you'll have to see if you're lucky enough to find one with these patterns.

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