Best small animals

My Countess (full name Ada, Countess Lovelace - google her if you don't know who that is) AKA Bear is a delight. Apart from a penchant cake and a dangerously sweet tooth she is as easy to keep as she is to love. Never happier than in her exercise ball or digging in her sand tray - we found she loves a tray of sand especially if its just been freshly changed. She'll bathe in it and loves to dig up nuts we've hidden. She is brave - once she escaped and survived overnight in a house with eight cats - but gentle and loves a cuddle. She comes to her name and is very clean in her cage - she only poos in her food dish and only wees in one corner of her sand tray. Because of this I find we don't need to clean out her cage as rigorously. She also loves fresh hay and weaves it into a nest for herself. Darling little creature.

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