Black Bear Hamster

The elegant Black hamster

The Black Bear Hamster is one of the most popular type of Syrian hamster. They are hamsters with an all black coat or a little line of white chest hair.

Coat. The Black Bear has an almost all black coat. The coat is not only elegant but also unusual because most pet hamsters have a white belly not matter what color, pattern, texture coat and species. The black coat has a nice sheen when reflecting the light.

Highlights. The Black Bear often has a narrow strip of white fur that starts at the bottom of the mouth, leading down to the tummy area. The paws, tail, and nose are the usual skin-pink color. Like the European hamster, the black undertone really makes the pink paws, nose, and tail pop! (Am I the only one that thinks they look like mimes?)

black bear hamster

Varients. There are also other similar coat colors such as a deep brown. This color may be combined with other coat textures such as Rex, Satin, and Platinum. And they can also have long haired Black Bears.

Conclusion. This lovable hamster is definitely a hamster fan favorite. They are easier to breed than pattern dominated hamsters such and Panda Bear Hamsters. But they are not commonly found in stores. Contact a local breeder if you're looking for this sweet creature. Get a pair and you can start breeding your own hamster favorite!

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