Boy Hamster Names

Use these ideas to create a cool name for your hamster!

Here are some simple ideas on how to create great boy hamster names.

Start Creatively

Start thinking of good hamster names by thinking about what you like, what you think of when you see your hamster, and combine it. Don't just choose a name randomly. It takes out all the fun.

Here are some of the names I've used for my pets: Icy, Foxy, Cooper, Brownie, Spider-ham, Cookie. All of these names came from either what they look like or what I liked.

cute boy hamster names
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Naming Ideas

Here are just some categories to get your ideas running:

Food: Wasabi, Beans, Nacho, Taco, Peanut, Dumpling, Ham, Cracker, Hershey

Color: Silver, Blues, Chestnut, Hazel, Jade, Wintergreen, Emerald

Metals: Steel, Cobalt, Dust, Oynx, Bronze

Weather: Thunder, Lightning, Rain, Wind, Gust, Storm, Cyclone, Comet, Blizzard, Smoke, Frosty, Twilight

Cosmos: Milkyway, Venus, Apollo, Star, Nova, Aurora

Foreign: Akira, Gunther, Otto, Nino, Leo, Bryce

Super Heroes: Wolverine, Super Mario, Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, Spideman, Joker

Cars: Turbo, Speed Freak, Racer

Single Syllable Human Names: Bob, Paul, Ron, Max, John

Honorifics: Captain, Mr., Sir, General

Extra Masculine: Soldier, Guy, Fighter, Razor, Rex

What are your ideas for names?

Show off the ideas for names below:

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