Best Cheap Hamster Cages Review

The problem with cheap hamster cages are that they're too small as a standalone. And they often are poorly assembled with cheap materials.

I've used the Supet Pet CritterTrail Mini Two before. The cage was small, basically the floor size of a sheet of paper. The coverings to the tube holes were loose and allowed Spiderham to escape several times. It isn't easy to clean either. For $15, it's cheap, definitely, but not worth the headache.

Below are cages that generally are bigger and have better quality for your money's worth. Just $10 more may make a big difference!

Dwarf Hamster
Cage Chart
Price Space Quality Expansion Clean
Ware Critter Universe Cheap Moderate Good Good Not Easy
Ware Home Sweet Home Cheap Moderate Good Not Available Moderate

Both of these cages under $25 are made by Ware. Super Pet and Ovo also makes cages under $25 but there are some bad reviews of quality for Super Pet. And you'll need to buy cage expansion accessories for Ovo Habitrails since they are small.

See Ware Manufacturing Critter Universe Carefresh Dwarf Hamster Cage Kit

So these Ware cages are standalone cages for a small price. Ware Critter Universe is 16x9.5x11.5 inches. This product is actually a starter kit. it comes with a small supply of bedding and food both from Carefresh. That's a plus for the small price.

In the cage, you'll find a wheel, water bottle, and food bowl. There are outlets for tubing. As with many othe these included cage accessories, they may be poor material. And you may have to purchase better ones yourself. But luckily, these items are pretty cheap!

Overall this product is a really good deal. It's simple but provides space for your hamster to play. You can connect tubes to give your hamster more room.

The Ware Home Sweet Home measures at 15.5x9.5x9.25, about the same size at the cage above. It is another basic cage. Unfortunately this doesn't come with tubing options so your hamster will need to be let out the cage for a stretch often.

See Ware Manufacturing Plastic Home Sweet Home Single Pack Hamster Cage, 1 Story

Cage accessories included are a wheel, tube to second "floor" with bowl, and water bottle. Some buyers did complain that the water bottle is leaky. Again, prepare to buy a new water bottle and wheel.

Both of these cheap hamster cages are respectable. They aren't the best quality, that's true. But the prices are great and have worked well for many buyers. Much of the issue also comes from the water bottle, wheel, and door latch being difficult. Make sure these components are working or replaced and you should be fine!

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