Chinese Dwarf Hamster

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Some may say that the Chinese Dwarf Hamster are hard to tame creatures, true or not, they have a beauty and elegance, all its own!

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A proud hamster owner shows off his pets but looks like someone's a little shy!...

Chinese hamsters take skill and patiences to breed. Here's a rare peep at pups just 9 days old.

Chinese hamsters are built a little different than the other dwarf hamsters. But who can say no to that cute tail and googly eyes?

This hamster is really transfixed on the noises. So cute, calm, and beautiful.

In Detail

Shape: Chinese Hamsters are nickname rat-like because their share resembles a young rat (or a mouse). Unlike the typical dwarf hamster, they are slightly slimmer and longer than the typical barrel shape. Their faces are more pronounced compared to the shorter snout of a hamster. And their tail is longer than a typical hamster.
Length: They could be 4 to 5 inches, at least an inch or two longer than the other dwarves. (This length is measured with the length of the tail considered. So the actual body sized is about 3-4 inches.)
Agouti Coat: Their natural color is gray or brown on top and white on bottom.
Markings: A dark stripe down the back of the body called a dorsal stripe.
Other Coat Colors: n/a
Color Patterns: white patches
Coat Textures: n/a

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