Chinese Hamsters

The Ratlike Hamster Look

The fiesty Chinese Hamsters differ from the other dwarf hamsters in size and shape. And they have surprisingly few coat colors to complement its special ratlike appearance. But they are cute as a button.

Size. On average, Chinese Dwarf Hamsters are about an inch longer than the other Dwarves (4-5 inches). But their tail is also included which accounts for 1/2 to 1 inch. So they're not really that much bigger than the other dwarf hamsters and definitely not bigger than the Syrian Hamster.

Shape. These hamsters can look more slender or elongated than the other hamsters. Normal hamsters are barrel shaped. When they curl up, they look very much like a round fur ball. The Chinese Dwarves are also very curvy, just not as much.

Another notable differences is their head shape. Theirs are more drawn out, oval-like, rather than round like other types of hamsters'.

chinese hamsters chinese hamsters

Tail. The most obvious rat-like feature the Chinese Dwarf Hamster posesses is the extended tail. This tail isn't as long as the rats' or mice's but it's longer than the other pet hamsters'. The others have a stubby tail that can barely be seen under their fur. This can be seen as a plus or negative depending on if you like tails or not.

Coat. The Chinese dwarf doesn't have any particular special coat types like some of the other pet hamsters which may have over a dozen. Their normal coat is a brown or gray color on top and white on the underside. Their paws, tails, and nose are skin-pink. Sometimes you can find them in all white fur, too. They do have a dark dorsal stripe down their back.

These hamsters might be a bit harder to tame but they're nonetheless fun to watch! Would this be your perfect pet?

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