Colorful Hamster Names

We know hamsters come in many shapes and sizes but they are also very colorful, too!

Colorful Names

Hamsters naturally come in colors like shades of brown, gray, and white. They can blend into their natural environment more in these colors and possible keep them safe from prey.

But breeders have defied the norm and many are able to breed hamsters of all kinds of colors. From Pearl to Sapphire, and Dalmatian (pattern) to hairless. Pet hamsters are a colorful bunch!

hamster names

Red: Arizona, Amber, Auburn, Cherry, Chili, Crimson, Merlot, Penny, Copper, Ruby, Scarlet, Flame, Rose, Cinnamon

Orange: Goldie, Cheddar, Blondie, Butterballs, Butters, Sahara, Nacho, Cider, Orange

Yellow: Sunshine, Daisy, Saffron, Blondie

Green: Kermit, Kiwi, Mint, Lime, Jade, Hazel, Emerald, Greens

Blue: Bluebell, Blueberry, Azure, Perse, Mauve, Indigo

Purple: Violet, Plum, Raspberry, Petunia, Aubergine, Grapes, Lilac, Lavender

Black: Night, Grim, Charcoal, Raven, Darkie, Oynx

White: Tofu, Polar, Lilly, Ivory, Igloo, Feather, Dove, Angel. For more white color pet names, visit the Winter White's name page.

Brown & Gray: See the Chinese Hamsters page for Gray and Brown colored names!

Patterns: Spotty, Patchie, Blemish, Blush, Camo, Checkers, Dalmatian, Blotch, Dots, Freckles, Oreo, Speckes

What colorful names have you thought of?

Let us know what colorful names you've used or thinking about using! Add to this list and inspire others. Tell us why you chose that name, too!

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