Critter Cruiser

Ready for a Ride?

Super Pet's Critter Cruiser is just like the hamster ball, except cooler.

The cruiser is easy to assemble and hammy powered! You can see your pet through the "windows" to the cruiser. It will run on a track called the Hamtrac or any other flat surfaces.

See Super Pet Critter Cruiser for Small Animals, Colors may Vary

Like the Hamster Ball

You've got all the benefits of a hamster ball with a cruiser:
  • keeps your pet protected outside its cage
  • allows your hamster explore on its own, escape proof
  • lets them exercise

Like the hamster ball, you'll still want to use the cruiser carefully:

  • limit time in cruiser to avoid urination
  • limit time to make sure your hammy isn't dehydrated
  • avoid setting cruiser in the sun where your hammy would overheat

Hamster Races

If you have multiple hamsters, you can try a hamster race! Or race with your friends' pets. See this video:

You can get tracs or just draw a line and hope they run straight.

If children are racing them, remember to handle the pets gently. And avoid yelling or making loud noises as that scares disturbs the hammies.

The Critter Cruiser isn't cheap, about $15. But its really cute and would be a great addition to your hammy goodies, especially if you don't have a hamster ball yet. If you don't want to get this, you can always try racing with balls instead!

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