Cute Hamster Names

Compilation of all the cute names & more!

Cute names are the most popular. Here are more ideas for hamster names no matter the gender, species, or coat color!

Cute Pet Names

There is infinite possibility and ways to create a cute pet name just for your hamster. Below are some names but you should use them to create a name of your own!

A Word You Like: Sometimes names are cute because they remind you of something you like. Try some descriptive words or things that you like: Dawn, Daisy, Buddy, Lucy, Peanut, Angel, Cosmo, Mia, Bear, Zoe, Princess, Moon, Saturn, Willow, Sugar, Pie

Plurals: When creating a name, see if adding a plural at the end will make it cuter like these names: Buttons, Butters, Cuddles, Scruffles, Whiskers, Muffins, Sweets, Nippers, Scribbles

cute hamster names

"ie or y": I love adding a little "ie" or "y" at the end of a name...instant cute name. Have a look at these samples: Chubbie, Dollie, Flopsy, Cody, Barbie, Cookie, Foxy, Sweetie

Short and Cute Words: Dot, Spot, Ham, Nut, Pat, Pot, June, Bug, Lad, Muff, Bell, Spark

Fancy Names: Sometimes, it's the fancy names that really do the trick. Here are names that are just so beautiful sounding: Calypso, Fawn, Phelan, Alexandrea, Bela, Rosie, Lady, Amber

Share Your cute names

There are so many cute names, please share your ideas with us. Post below and let us know how you came up with it!

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