Cute Hamsters

Top Ten Adorable Videos

Hamsters are just so much fun to watch in person or through videos. I love watching these cute hamster videos. It makes me feel lucky I have a hamster, too.

Hope you'll enjoy these fan made videos. Some are creative while others just captures the adorable side of hamsters.

Please let me know if you have a cute video you'd like me to include, too.

Lunch Date with Hamster

This cute video was submitted by Vickie Eisenstein. Thanks!

A Hamster Ballet

These hamsters give us a little ballet with mirrors to enhance affect!

Sleepy Roborovski

I love this video. Not only is the quality great, this video captures a sleepy Robo disturbed from slumber by its cage-mates.

Hamster Dreaming

Think humans are the only ones that dream? Think again! ...Hm, wonder what this hamster is dreaming about?

Baby Hamster Eating

A baby hamster eats solid food, brocolli, for the first time.

Hamster Eats Banana

Hamster hungry destroys piece of banana.

Chubby Hamster Sleeping

Hamster presses against glasses, sleeping, while owner cleans its cage!

Hamster Eats Bok Choi...cautiously

Beautiful hamster eats but is disturbed by probing camera. Cute!

Hamster Stuffs Cheeks

This sleepy hamster wakes up to a whole carrot and takes no time chomping it down already. (Note: Treats should be given in moderation such as small slices. Too much may cause diarrhea and stomach pain for hamsters.)

Hamster Bath

Slow-motion. Hamster enjoying a sand bath.

Cotton Ball Hamster

Hamster turning out a nut and falling asleep. So beautiful, calm, and just like a cotton ball.

Chinese Hamster on Spinner

Submitted by Willowcatification - This cute Chinese hamster enjoys a jog on his spinner. (See other videos by Willowcatification - this Chinese hamster is so calm and sweet!)

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  4. How to convince my parents to let me get a pet hamster?
  5. Can you recommend a hamster breeder?