Mourning Your Dead Hamster

Getting closure

When answering the question, "How Long Do Hamsters Live?" we discussed a bit on life expectancy. Not only does a hamster's short life teach one to appreciate what you have but also life and death. The last steps are important for providing some closure.

*Disclaimer: I am not medically trained nor does this site present itself so. I offer facts, knowledge of options, and my experiences to help you recognize danger. When your hamster displays symptomatic behaviors, always seek a licensed vet's opinion. Save up a little stash for those times.

dead hamster


If your hamster is suffering before it passes, you can consider having it euthanized. In some locations, this may only cost $20 but depends on what's avaliable to you. I would call and ask for the price if that's the reason stopping you or a parent from bringing it to a vet.

Proper Burial

A hamster is like a family member. You had to feed and take care of it. So it's only natural to give it a little burial, for closure. I've heard of endless cases where a child recalls seeing their parents throw away their dead hamster. The child never got closure from those experiences.

When my hamster dies, I'd take it to the backyard, dig up some soil and let it rest. I'd thank it for being my pet. That's all. What are your plans after you hamster dies?

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