by Cathy

I work at a pet store and love, love, love animals, so I'm sorry if this is a bit long.

I have two Syrian hamsters (a male and a female). Timmy is a true golden, with the rich golden fur and darker ears. Friends tell me they love his "luxurious coat" and like to brush his skirt. I had Derpy the short-hair for a little less than a year; she was special needs (down syndrome), but was always ready for exploring and playing and I would not change anything about her. The female I have now is another long hair, and she is feisty; she likes to tease the cats and jump around in her cage.

These animals are slower than most other types of pet hamsters and more docile. They are easier to tame and will sometimes spend a long time just sitting with you (as I'm writing this, Timmy is taking a nap in my lap). I don't know that I would recommend hamsters to any very small child, just because children can be very rough with pets; also, if the hamster tries to squirm to run away, children tend to squish to hold on, which can cause serious injury to the hamster. That being said, Syrians are wonderfully patient and don't tend to bite unless they feel they have no other options.

I love letting my little fur-babies run around either in their exercise ball or (carefully supervised) on their own. Of course, I wish they could live longer, but we enjoy every day together. <3

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