Best Deluxe Hamster Cages Review

Deluxe hamster cages are $50 and above. They offer plenty of living space, cage accessories, and are durable. They may however to harder to clean due to all the accessories.

Here are cages that have plenty to offer:

Dwarf Hamster
Cage Chart
Price Space Quality Expansion Clean
Aquarium Tank Premium Great Good Available Moderate
Sagittarius Large High Good Good Not Available Moderate
GoldFinger Large High Great Good Not Available Moderate

Okay, you're probably seen me recommend the hamster aquarium on other pages. However, I only mentioned the 10 gallon recommended tank due to trying to select cheaper cages. In this $50+ page, I've actually chosen a 20 gallon cage. You'll get even more room for your pet hamster.

See Aquarium Tank, Glass, 20 Gal

As I've mentioned in other reviews, the tank is easy to clean, provides maximum visibility, simple, and roomy. You'll have to be careful trying to clena this though since it could be heavy and clunky. And, more importantly, it's made of glass!

My second recommendation is a beautiful wire cage called Sagittarius Large. It measures roughly 16inx22x12 inches. It offers two extra levels for more room. It also has a cute bridge between the two levels.

See Sagittarius Hamster Cage Large 41X58X32Cm

It isn't as practical as the tank, but for just over $50, it's a cage that would impress guests and gives your cage just a special extra touch! It's also sturdy and relatively easy to clean.

This last cage it not jus beautiful, it's down right cool. :D I couldn't help myself. The cage itself is a simple but durable wire cage. Like the Sagittarius, it has two levels with a small hideaway, wheel, and water bottle. It's name is Goldfinger! The wire is in gold color and with a red base.

See Goldfinger Large Gold Coloured Hamster Cage `S Hideaway `

I like this cage just because there's personality to it. It makes me chuckle. But all in all, it's a practical cage that you might want to brag about. The price isn't cheap though, watch out!

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