Best Dwarf Hamster Cage Review

What can a Dwarf Hamster cage do for you a regular cage can't? Nothing much really! Okay, let's start with the Pros first:

Pros: Dwarf cages tend to take up little space and includes a variety of built in cage accessories. The accessories are smaller which will fit the Dwarfs better.

Cons: While it's nice to have a compact cage, the more floor space for your hamster, the better. The cage may also be hard to clean because of all the small accessories and the prices aren't any cheaper than regular cages.

Suggestion: If you're tight on space and determined to get a Dwarf cage, find one with multi-levels that would bulk up for your hamster.

Dwarf Hamster
Cage Chart
Price Space Quality Expansion Clean
Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat Medium Small Good Available Not Easy
Critter Universe Expanded Cage Medium Small Good Okay Not Easy

My first recommendation for a dwarf cage is the Ovo Dwarf Habitrail. The floor space of the cage is small as is the trend. The size is 12x14x12 inches. However, this cage is a good durable product. To make more room, it comes with these orb tubes that allow hamsters to have more storing hubs. It's still not that roomy but may be a good choice for people with limited floor space.

See Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat

My second suggestion would be another cage with multi-levels, the Critter Universe, Expanded Cage. This cage measures 16x9.5x22.5.

It's actually a respectable sized cage. The second floor adds more room for hamsterly activities. The cage includes a simple tubing structure, wheel, bowl, and access to lid at the top.

See Ware Manufacturing Critter Universe Small Pet Expanded Cage System

This is a wire cage that has two cage doors for each level. The base may be high enough to avoid bedding and debris spilling out. There may not be enough space to fit much more than a hideaway.

Overall, both choices are solid options for buyers with limited floor space!

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