Siberian Dwarf Hamster

Winter White Hamster

The Siberian Dwarf Hamster is also known as Winter Whites. This page is dedicated to their famous "white" coats. If you want to see the normal "agouti" coat gallery and a description of their body shape and size, click here.

Pictures & Videos

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cute winter white dwarf hamster
CC Image courtesy of alex012 on everystockphoto

siberian winter white dwarf hamster
CC Image courtesy of cdrussorusso on everystockphoto

A winter white hamster enjoying her winter slumber and a little fun.

Nothing pampers a hamster with an occasional, luxurious sand bath. See them in action...oh how embarrassing!

This winter white has hiccups. You know what they say about eating too fast!

This captures a sensitive moment. Mother hamsters are really, super sensitive. Winter white pups can rely on their mothers and fathers to take good care of them.

In Details

As noted before, the Winter White is the only hamster that changes colors due to temperature drop and also exposure to light. With more light and warmth, the natural color will stay longer and return sooner. The opposite is true as well. Changing months usually begins in September and can last till March.

(Note: Often times, hamster owners can find themselves wondering what type of hamster they have. A Winter White Hamster can look very similar to white coated Campbell or Russian Hamster. If it has a white coat and red eyes, it is a Campbell. Only Campbells have the combination.)

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