What to do: escaped hamster

How to trap and protect your hamster

Help! What do you do with an escaped hamster? Hamsters can do damage to your house. A few years ago, our pet rat escaped and chewed through the wires of the sound system and caused a water leak. A hamster can easily cause the same damage or worst.

Do a quick search

Of course, the easiest first option is to look under the couches, tables, especially the corners of the room/house. Spiderham escaped several times from his shabby starter cage. He would always hide at the same corner under the couch.

Secure the House

So you can't find the hamster. Do some fool proofing to prevent damage to the house or your family.

  1. Make sure doors and windows are closed. Your domestic hamster probably won't survive in the wilds.
  2. Make sure wires are tucked away from the ground.
  3. Use outlet covers.
  4. Secure other pets you may have in the house which may harm your hamster.

escaped hamster
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Create a trap

Basically you want to lure your hamster up a ramp and into a box.

  1. Find a short box or some kind of container that will keep your hamster in.
  2. Create a ladder with something long enough to reach the opening.
  3. Put food in that will attract your hamster.
  4. Stay away from the trap. Your hamster will find it's way there.
  5. (Make sure the height of the box is not too high. One time, my hamster couldn't get into the bucket because the ramp was too steep.)

You found it

After you find your escaped hamster:

  1. Don't get angry, your hamster's just being curious, naturally. It's probably scared, too.
  2. It may be hungry and thirsty so make sure there's some food in the cage.
  3. Check to make sure, it's not hurt.
  4. And lastly, check your house to make sure there are no damages and maybe any messes to clean up.

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