Meet the European Hamster!

Are they pet hamsters?

The European Hamster is not actually an official pet in most parts of the world. But there seems to be a growing interest in them. Should they be left alone in nature or can humans provide them an alternative lifestyle? You be the judge!

These hamsters are also known as the Common Hamster because they were once very common in Europe. Because they are the largest hamster breed with a unique black underside, they are also affectionately called the Giant Hamster and Blackbellied Hamster.

To learn more facts about this hamster, visit its Info & Gallery page.

The Common hamster's Origins

A few decades ago, Common hamsters were often thought of as pest to farmers. Just one hamster can hoard up to 150lbs of crop in their burrows. As a result, the farming industry took measures to exterminate them to the point of near extinction.

Today, programs and laws are needed to preserve this species (see video below).

To pet or not to pet?

There are dissenting views of course. Some would say that these hamsters were never meant to be caged. While others would say they could provide better care for their pets than they can themselves. What do you think?

Interview #1

I was able to interview Martina Umlauft (also known as "TheFeldhamster" on YouTube) on this issue. Matina is an avid filmmaker of wild Common hamsters in Vienna. She has posted many rare videos of these wild hamsters on YouTube. She also authors a hamster cages blog and a wild European hamsters blog.

Read how Martina describes her experiences filming wild hamsters and why she doesn't recommend these hamsters as pets.

Interview #2
I was also able to interview Zita Fulop. Zita is a hamster fancier in Hungary that has had 2 Euro hamsters as pets. She has uploaded a few short clips of them on her youtube channel.

See Zita's take on keeping these hamsters as pets and her plans to breed and tame them in the future.

Would you recommend European Hamsters?

There you have it. You've heard from the experts. Now what do you think? Should European hamsters be kept as a pet or left alone? Share your opinion!

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Breeding them as petswould keep them from extinction

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I think these can make acceptable pets, but like any non-domestic animal, extra care has to be taken in housing and feeding. These should only be kept …

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if european farmers eradicate them in the wild there will always be a captive population

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