european hamsters!

by alhanna
(olive brance )

I have one at home! She is a baby, about 2 years old. She is a black European hamster. I am 9 years old and got her for my 8th birthday. Trust me they get fat! And don't take them for fools, they are very smart! My hamster, Annabell, can open the top of her cage! She got out 1 time! She bit me thinking I was food once. They trust their smell. So be careful and when u get them. Don't let them outta there cage for 3 days! They can cause a lot of noise. Mine does not go on her hamster wheel unless nobody is in the room. But I love her! You should get 1 too! I am kinda hoping she is alive for 5 years cuz I love her very much. :)

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