Golden Fancy Hamsters

The common, loved hamster

Golden Fancy Hamsters are the most common type of coat for Syrian Hamsters. In fact, this is the natural color for Syrian Hamsters. In stores, you'll most likely find this color for this species.

Color. Unlike many other small animals in a much deeper golden-brown color, the Syrian hamster has a much lighter tone. There are other similar colors such as cinnamon, cream, and blonde. But for these variations in color, you might have a hard time finding them in a local pet store. You can try a local breeder to see if they have this variation or are breeding golden colored Syrian hamsters.

Patterns. Depending on which hamsters were breed, many Syrians will have varient spots and patterns. One pattern includes having a white ring of fur around the waist of the hamster, that separates the golden pattern. Golden hamsters can often have other mixes in colors such as black fur for the ears, or other color spots. Like the other pet hamsters, the golden hamster's underbelly is in white fur. Their paws, tail, and nose are in pink.

My Adorable Golden Fancy Hamster
golden fancy hamsters

Other Variations. Like any other Syrian hamster, they can additionally have long hair or different hair textures such as Rex, Platinum, and ticked.

Conclusion. The Golden Hamster is a glamorous pet. Its color is naturally beautiful and attractive. And, on top of that, it's easy to find a Syrian Hamster in this color. This may be a great pet for you!

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