Funny Hamsters

Top Ten Hilarious Videos

I have to admit, I love laughing. And I love watching funny hamsters. These videos had me chuckling.

If you're going to make videos for your hamster, please make sure they're safe for them. They are so silly but get hurt easily, too.

And, as always, feel free to email me if you have videos to suggest to add to this list! Hope you'll enjoy these hilarious videos!

Wheel Fall

Aww. I can't help laughing. Haha.

Hamster's Escape Attempts

This cute little critter seems persistent in finding an out from its cage. This acrobatic skills are amiable but futile!

Wheel Challenged

This hamster doesn't quite get how other hamsters use the wheel. Unique unconformist or just...goofy? What do you think?

Three Chubby Hamsters, One Wheel

So adorable and hilarious! These three look alikes aren't going to take turns playing with the wheel.

Hamster Troubles!

Poor hamster bites a little more than it can handle! The laughing is contagious!

Hamsters Spinning On Wheel

Hamsters just love running on their wheel so much, they don't know when to stop!

Legendary Hamster on Piano

Wow. This hamster likes to take life lying on its back.

Hamster Eating Pencil

It's managed to get 1/3 of the pencil in it's cheeks.

Extreme Wheel Challenged!

Okay, if the previous hamsters look challenged on the wheel, this one takes the cake. It can't even get on the wheel at all! Maybe next time!

Hamster Tries to Climb

Aw! Hamster tries to master climbing up stairs the hard way.

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