The Golden Hamster

Syrian Fancy Bear Gallery!

The Golden Hamster refers to a Syrian hamster with a golden coat. This coat may include a common white band or ring of fur around the middle of the hamster. This is the most common Syrian coat, also known as their "agouti" or natural coat color.

Picture & Video Gallery

My hamster is a white banded, golden Syrian hamster. I'm excited to get to show off my cute little hamster. You can also upload your Syrian pictures here. Click on the pictures to see a larger slide.

golden syrian hamster picture
Spider-ham checks out his new habitat. "Peek-a-boo" he says.
golden hamster in tube
Our golden fancy hamster is ready to go back down stairs, rear end first!
golden fancy hamster eating
Spider-ham enjoying a little snack on the first floor.

golden bear hamster picture
Chubby Spider-ham isn't happy his fur is ruffled.

golden teddy bear hamster picture
Our golden Syrian finds a nice hideout with this empty Stacks chip container. "You found me!" he says.
golden hamster sleeping
Spider-ham taking a sweet nap in his favorite nesting spot. See all the food and bedding he's hoarding there!

In detail

  • Golden Syrians are a sandy to gold color.
  • Like the black bears, the fur on the head and rear end is usually sandy and white in the middle (the white banded pattern).
  • The bottom side is white.
  • The ears, nose, paws, and tail are nude pink color.
  • No dorsal stripe or markings
  • No special care is needed to maintain this coat.

Top Questions:

  1. Creative name ideas?
  2. How long do they live?
  3. How much do they cost?
  4. How to convince my parents to let me get a pet hamster?
  5. Can you recommend a hamster breeder?