Good Hamster Names

Ideas and lists of hamster names!

Good hamster names are always the ones that are meaningful, fun, and descriptive. Part of the excitement of getting yourself a little hamster is naming it something special!

This series will inspire you to create a special name for your hamster, no matter if it is a female, male, boy, or girl.

Beautiful Female Hamster Names

good hamster names: female pet hamster names There are definitely a wide selection of existing female pet names that you can choose from. But you can always create your own. Female hamster names are usually cutsy, sweet, and pretty.

Can you think of a name that's sweet and warm?

Have a look here for sweet pet hamster names and ideas on creating your own!

Cool Boy Hamster Names

good hamster names: boy hamster names While girl hamster names are cute and warm, I think most boy hamster names are strong, sharp, and bold sounding. They're still cute though!

Stuck on ideas for a male hamster name?

Creating a cool sounding name is easy if you just know where to start. Click here to start!

Popular Hamster Names

good hamster names, popular Are you wondering what celebs are calling their hamsters? How about well known hamster characters? Need a little inspiration for naming your hamster? No problem.

Here are some well known hamster names from celebrities and movies.

Official Hamster Names

good hamster names It's always interesting to see where hamsters get their names. You can also try to draw inspiration from them, too.

Included names are scientific, location, discoverer, affectionate names, and other descriptive nicknames. Get confused with all the names?

Learn where their official and affectionate names come from.

Other Great Hamster Names

Strong Male Hamster Names - Brawny, masculine male hamster names.

Cute Girl Hamster Names - Names for cute girl hamsters.

Names for Russian Hamsters - A list of real Russian hamster names.

Names for Chinese Dwarf Hamsters - Looking for a Chinese name?

Robo Dwarf Hamster Names - Find a name appropriate for the smallest hamster species.

Winter White Hamster Names - Names for the white coat and other coats.

Colorful Hamster Names - Want a colorful name?

Silly Pet Hamster Names - Silly names for the whimsical.

Cute Hamster Names - Cute names of all kinds of hamsters.

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