Hairless Hamster

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Meet the Hairless Hamster! These hamsters are Teddy Bear hamsters with a rare and dangerous gene.

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Alien hamsters are rare pets. Submit pictures of alien hamsters on this page! Click on image to enlarge and view as slideshow.

Looks like the parents might have carried the hairless gene and passed it on to the pups. Some pups are normal and two are hairless.

Other than having a different gene, these hamsters are just like any other hamster. They still enjoy the same toys and play time!

In Detail

  • These hamsters are completely hairless from nose to tail.
  • Other names include: alien hamster, mutant hamster
  • The hairless gene occurs after a mutation. This occurs rarely.
  • Some people like the exotic and rare hairlessness but most breeders know that it is considered unethical to breed for hairlessness.
  • It is dangerous because it inherits negative side effects.
  • The Mutant Hamster is expected to live half as long as a normal hamster.
  • They lack the all important whiskers which is paramount in helping hamsters navigate. Hamsters in general have poor eyesight. They are far-sighted.
  • They are prone to coldness.
  • If a female Alien Hamster has pups, she will be unable to provide milk for them.
  • They may also require special ointment massaged on body.
  • Some people may find them scary looking but there is nothing to be afraid of.
  • It is possible to pass on a recessive hairless gene and have it affect the next generation of pups. It will be hard to detect if a hamster has the gene.
  • You may be able to find someone local who has hairless hamsters but avoid people who are breeding for their trait.

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