Hamster Accessories

On the Hamster Cage Accessories page, I've introduced a bunch of items that fit well into a cage. Here, I'll introduce more hamster accessories, especially ones used outside the cage!

Hamster Ball

hamster ball

One of the most important accessories to have outside the cage is a hamster ball. It's practically synonymous with hammies.

A ball costs about $8.

A few simple tips on choosing and using a ball.

Critter Cruiser

The Critter Cruiser is like the ball but cuter. Some people even hold cruiser races with their pets

A critter cruiser costs about $17.

Learn more here.

Super Pet Hamtrac Exercise Loop

After getting your Ball or Critter Cruiser, upgrade by adding a Hamtrac to your set.

A Hamtrac Exercise Loop costs about $9.

Read more about Hamtrac Parts here

Super Pet Chinchilla Bath Sand

Super Pet Chinchilla Bath Sand

Wondering how to give your hammy a bath? Not with water and soap! Chinchilla Sand Bath is the way to go.

A 1.6 pound box of Chinchilla Bath Sand costs about $7.

Learn how to keep your hamster's coat clean!

Pet Grass

Wheatgrass isn't just for juicers, it's great for pets, too.

Pet Grass costs about $6, all inclusive.

What can pet grass do for your pet?

Hamster Tubes Chew Toys

Hamsters love to chew everything in their cage. Now edible hamster tubes makes it safe.

Edible Hamster tubes costs under $10 each.

See these adorable edible tubes!

Hamster Treats

Hamster Treats

There are many hamster treats. Yogurt drops, sticks, biscuits and others.

Hamster Treats costs about $5 a pack.

What types of treats are there?

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