Best Hamster Aquarium Review

Can hamsters swim? ...I can't say if they're meant to know how but I do know they can live happily in a Hamster Aquarium!

Pros: A fish tank can actually make a great cage for hamsters (not filled with water, of course!). It offers plenty of floor space, allows you a clear view of your hamster, is easy to clean, and has space for cage accessories.

Cons: Some say the aquarium doesn't leave much airflow. You also have to swoop your hand into the cage to take your hamster out. I like leaving the door open so Spider-ham can stuff his face with food and run in to hide it. It also might not lend itself to as many traditional cage accessories. And it may be too heavy for a child to carry and clean out his or herself.

Suggestion: The aquarium is a solid choice as a cage. If you're interested in getting one, there are some modern improvements to the aquarium.

Hamster Aquarium Chart Price Space Quality Expansion Clean
Aquarium Tank Medium Good Good Possible Easy
Tank Topper Medium Good Good Good Moderate

Much like wire cages, aquarium cages are simple and easy to use. On the left is the recommended 10 Gallon tank that provides enough space for hamsters. It's a simple cage and comes without a lid (although you can see on in the picture).

See Deep Blue Professional 11010 Glass Standard Aquarium Tank, 10-Gallon

On the right, you'll see an extension to the tank. You actually put the topper on top of the tank to create more levels. With the topper, there are three "stories" where your hamster can explore. The topper is in wire cage format. So, in a way, you get the best of both aquarium and wire cages.

See Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper

This is a great setup for hamsters. Just be careful when cleaning since it is a big cage!

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