Hamster Ball

Hamsters love to run, we all know that. Why limit it to the wheel? Outside the cage, a hamster ball protects, lets your hamster explore, and run as much as his or her heart's content!

Here are some tips on choosing the right ball, plus accessories, and how to use it.

Get the right size

Like the hamster wheel, it is a better idea of get a bigger sized ball than a smaller one. This is because when a hamster has to arch its back backward, it may cause injury or uncomfort on the long run (no pun intended!).

See Super Pet Dazzle Run-About 7" Hamster Exercise Ball, Color Varies (Blue, Pink, Purple and Yellow)

So choose something bigger. Get a ball about 2 inches bigger than your pet's length. My Spider-ham is around 6 inches so I'll use a 8 inch ball.

hamster ball

Keep it Short!

Keep your hamster in the ball for 15 minutes at a time, especially the first few times. Some hamsters just don't like the ball that much and will end up sitting in there. Others might urinate in there.

Let your hamster get used to the ball so maybe they won't feel inclined to scent the ball. You can also keep some paper on the floor under the ball if you're worried.

More importantly, avoid letting the ball out in the boiling sun. Hamsters may get sick from strong sunlight (something they're not used to in nature because they're nocturnal!). Keep them cool and let them back in the cage for water.

Other than that, you're set!

Cool Hamster Powered Walker

I've featured this on our facebook page before (instructions included) but thought it was cool enough to mention here again. Meet the Hamster Powered Walker:

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