Hamster Bedding

Hamster bedding absorbs foul smells and provides comfortable material for your hamsters to burrow and sleep in.

This page discusses the possible types of bedding you can use in your hamster's cage.

Commercial Bedding

Any commercial bedding said specifically for rodent pets can be safely used for your hamster. I use several brands. These are my current beddings:

Bedding Materials

Beddings may consist of different types of materials. The recommended materials include:
  • Pine or Alder Shavings
  • Recycled Paper

We've got Fresh World and Carefresh Bedding
Hamster Bedding

The hazardous materials include:

  • cedar shavings
  • bedding with fine, dusty particles

These beddings may cause hamsters to have breathing problems and should be avoided.

Hamster Bedding

Hamster Bedding

Homemade Beddings

Many people have asked if homemade materials can be used as bedding. Questioned materials include:
  • Toilet Paper - While this is very absorbent, it do not deodorize. It is also too thin to bulk up and provide a fluffy bedding for your hamster. Long term costs will also not be any cheaper than commercial bedding.
  • Newspaper - The ink on newspaper is harmful to hamsters. The recycled newspaper used in commercial bedding is safe because the ink has been extracted.
  • Desert Dirt/horse stall hays - These materials have been exposed to natural elements/contaminants and unsafe for use. Fine dust will also affect your hamster's breathing.
  • No Bedding - It would be irresponsible and cruel to not provide bedding! :(

Commercial bedding is relatively inexpensive, about $10 for 60 Liter bag. This is an important addition to your hamster cage!


Cotton can be added to the cage. Pregnant hamsters scout for this material to create a soft, fluffy nest. But any hamsters would appreciate this treat!

How to apply bedding

Everytime after you clean your hamster's cage, replace old with new bedding. Fill your hamster's cage with bedding at least an inch to two inches high. You may keep a handful of old bedding and mix with new bedding so your hamster has a familiar smell.

Your bedding should keep the cage relatively scentless until next time you clean! Watch your hamster re-explore its cage with excitement. :)

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