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Been here before and looking for the latest hamster care addition? This page lists our last 10 uploaded pages on this site. Just click on the link to see the full page.

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Last 10 Uploaded Pages

HamsterFanciers.com - Contact Me

You may contact me for suggestions, questions, submissions, requests, etc.

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Best small animals

My Countess (full name Ada, Countess Lovelace - google her if you don't know who that is) AKA Bear is a delight. Apart from a penchant cake and a dangerously

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not for children

Because they have a tendency to get tired of their owner and children don't understand that the hamster getting irritated or upset which could lead to

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Because they are so fun to play with it doesn't hurt when they bite just make sure to hold it before you by it they warm up fast and early out of your

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Highly recommend!!

My Baxter is sweet and lovable. He has never bit and warmed up to me super fast. Now he comes out when he hears me get up in the morning or come home from

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Sure, they're fine, but they are boring so they suck

They are fine, but always bite me, they sometimes hibernate, and every time mine did, i had a breakdown, because I thought she was dead :( she is still

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I bought my hamster call him Barry hes 4 years and 4 month old Na

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Breeding them as petswould keep them from extinction

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Pet with Careful Keeping

I think these can make acceptable pets, but like any non-domestic animal, extra care has to be taken in housing and feeding. These should only be kept

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I work at a pet store and love, love, love animals, so I'm sorry if this is a bit long. I have two Syrian hamsters (a male and a female). Timmy is a

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