Hamster Cage Accessories

Okay, you've got a killer cage! Want to know what hamster cage accessories to fill your cage with? This page is all about accessories.

Some items are essential to your hamster's health. Read these tried and true tips on how to choose durable accessories that will last years. Other items are just plain fun to have! You'll want to know about them, too.

There are plenty of awesome and useful items. I'll talk about my favorite ones here. Start filling up your drawers with all these hamster goodies!

Hamster Cage Accessories Are Colorful & Fun!
Hamster Cage Accessories

Hamster Tubes

hamster tubes

Hamster tubes mimic a hamster's natural environment. In the wilds, they would have to dig their own tunnels underground. But in your house, you can provide them with an elaborate tube design!

Don't be afraid to keep your hamster busy with plenty of tubing.

Pick out the tubes for your cage now.

Hamster Water Bottle

hamster water bottle

At the same time you get your cage, you should have a water bottle ready. Water bottles are affordable and an essential item for every hamster owner!

Some tips for setting up a fool proof water bottle.

Hamster Wheels

hamster wheels

Wild hamsters can run for miles every night to look for food. They're can be fast, too. Running is just natural for them.

You have to pick the right wheel though as hamsters can spend hours on them.

Tips to remember when shopping for an all important hamster wheel.

Hamster Bedding

hamster bedding

People seem to have plenty of questions on what can be used for bedding. Let's look at what good bedding is made of and what you should definitely avoid!

Hamster bedding options.

Hamster Maze

hamster maze

Hamster mazes provides another interior structure for your hamster to explore and feel at home. Some are meant for chewing, others are even edible homes!

Learn more about hamster mazes.

Super Pet Play Tunnel

super pet play tunnel

The Super Pet Play Tunnel is a popular item for large cages. You can make use of extra second level cage space. And it's so cute, too.

Learn crafty ways to use your Play Tunnel here.

Super Pet Hamster Potty

Super Pet Hamster Potty

Another Super Pet product, the Hamster Potty, isn't essential but nice to have. Help train your hamster to do it's business in a compartment that's easy for you to clean daily!

How does a Hamster potty work?

Hamster Food

hamster food

Every cage has to have food ready for hungry hammies.

Learn more about the type of food to include in the cage.

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