Best Hamster Cages for Sale by Brand

Unless you're totally new to shopping for hamster supplies, chances are you've run into Super Pet and Ovo Habitrail products before. These two brands offer a range of hamster supplies and basically the best hamster cages for sale.

Unfortunately, their accessories only match their own products. This means if you get a Super Pet cage, you get Super Pet accessories as well. Because these two companies represent quite a majority of hamster products, it makes sense to get to know them and what they offer you.

Which brand has the best cage for you?

Super Pet's Crittertrail - The popular Super Pet offers a robust selection of cages from cheap to deluxe. Their cage accessories are impressive. If you're planning to get a variety of cage accessories, you'll probably save with Super Pet. Will you go with a Super Pet cage?

Ovo's Habitrail - The innovative Ovo offers a selection a pod shaped, swivel cages with perfectly fitted accessories. You might not dig the pod shape but they do look more refined. They are pricier but probably better quality than most Super Pet cages. Will these cages suit you better?

Personal Experience

I've used Super Pet cages before and now. My plastic, modular hamster cage was no good. I had to replace it with a wire cage which is sturdy and meets my needs. I also use Super Pet cage accessories. I think Super Pet can have superb products at great prices but you have to search through the hay stack.

My family friends use an Ovo cage. I was impressed with the quality and easy. Everything opens up easy and close tight. The accessories fit perfectly and are great quality. Its almost like putting a puzzle together. I would give Ovo a try if I hadn't 5 cages to choose from already!

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