Hamster Cages

An Introduction On What To Look For

Hamster cages are incredibly important for your hamster and so much fun for you and your family! Start out with the right kind of cage and avoid having to "move" to a better cage later! Here are my tips on what to look out for when shopping for one!

Price. You can get a cage for $30-$50 but better options with pricier options.

Spacious. In the wilds, hamsters would run a few miles every night to look for food. They are also territorial. So they love having plenty of space. A wheel helps but more ground space is better. A general rule is to get the widest cage you can afford.

If you have multiple hamsters, you need to double on the cage size or separate cages since hamsters may fight or stress out from lack of space.

Below is set up I used to expand the space for Spiderham. I connected my cages together to give him more room. He also gets the whole table to himself when he wants to come out. Maybe you can do something creative to give your hamster more room!

multiple hamster cages connected

Quality & Durability. A cage's first job is to lock in the hamster! When I first got Spiderham and kept him in his Starter Cage, he escaped several times. We had to tape up the pieces to avoid another escape but eventually moved him into another cage. So the lesson is to get a quality cage right from the start!

Expansion Potential. Part of the appeal of small pets is all the cage accessories!: tubes, wheels, water bottles, etc. You and your family can utilize your creativity by designing a maze or castle for your hamster. Consider the expansion potential when searching if you'll like this aspect.

Easy to Clean. Hamster cages are usually easy to spray off and clean but not if you have dozens of cage accessories. Those need to be cleaned, too. So be aware to choose a cage with just enough components that won't give you too much work.

Also if you hate having bedding and other debris fall out of the cage, be aware that that does happen with wire cages.

Appearance. The look of a cage is not the most practical consideration but certainly important as well. I personally don't like to see all the neon colors and cages that are too busy. I like cages that blend. However some people, especially, small children are attracted to these standout affects. This may be something that you're glad you put into consideration later.

See My Cage Reviews

When in doubt, always read reviews about an item before buying. I've compared and reviewed cages and created a list of excellent cages. Learn how I compare products.

See the navigation links, you'll find cage reviews based on price, brand, and type of cage.

You'll find links to the items from different stores (if they are available) where you can also compare the price. If you still have any questions, just drop me a message via the contact page.

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