Hamster Care

Simple Hamster How-Tos

You've got a new hamster. Now what? Learn all the basic hamster care you'll need to make spending time with your hamster, fun and easy.

How to Care for Hamsters: The First Weeks

caring for hamsters Some beginners might be intimidated when handling their new hamsters. It's easy to feel afraid when they can bite you. But taming a hamster isn't that hard and only takes a few weeks.

Learn how to take care of your hamster once you bring it home.

Reading Hamster Behavior

how to care for hamsters Your hamster can't tell you how it feel. So it's crucial to understand your hamster's habits and body languages. Is it scared, angry, happy, or relaxed?

Become an expert at reading your hamster's behaviors...

Hamster games

taking care of hamsters Once you're comfortable with handling your hamster, it's time to really have fun with it! Hamster aren't that receptive to complex tricks like other rodents. So use patience and start with something simple. With hamsters, the point isn't to have it perform acrobats for you. It's to enjoy all the silly little things they do naturally. :)

Here are 5 little games you can play with your hamster.

Taking Care of Hamster Chores

care of hamsters Partly why hamsters are great pets is because they're so easy to clean.

Here's a list of things that you should do. Create a little routine schedule. Set aside maybe 1 hour a week for hamster care. I promise, it doesn't take much work.

See a list of things to do here.

Homemade Hamster Foods

caring for hamsters Hamsters really don't eat that much. Feed your hamster everyday, just a little mix of commercial hamster feed and maybe an occasional hamster treats.

Sometimes you can add a little human food to the mix, too. But be careful what you give them. Some harmless foods to you are poisonous to them!

Here's a list of safe and harmful foods for hamsters.

What To Do: Hamster Fights

caring for your hamster Hamsters can be very naughty! But remember that they are just acting on their instincts. It's also a way to tell you that something isn't right. Are there ways where you can make things better and prevent a further brawl?

How to handle a hamster fight...

What To Do: Hamster Bite

hamster care

"Ouch! Why did it do that for?" Just when you thought you solidified a bond with your hamster...bam!

But don't be upset or scared of your hamster.

Learn why your hamsters nipped you and what to do about it.

What To Do: Escaped Hamster

dwarf hamster care I thought it'd never happen to me but yes it did. These hamsters are escape artists! Runaway rodent can cause serious damage to a house.

Luckily, setting up a hamster trap is easy enough to have your hamster walking back in it's cage.

Learn what to do when your hamster escapes.

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