What To Do: Hamster Fight

How to prevent fights

What do you do to stop a hamster fight? And more importantly, what do you need to do to prevent more of these fights?

Break the fight

Unfortunately you can't spray them with water like with dogs. But don't stick your hand in either, you'll get bitten!

You need to quickly use something such as a notebook to section the cage to separate the hamsters. A fight can quickly lead to serious wounds or even death. Keep the hamsters away from each other.

hamster fight
Image courtesy of cdrussorusso on flickr

address the wounds

Quickly check the hamsters for wounds. First wear thick gloves. Both hamsters are aggressive and may bite you out of fear. Bring to a veterinarian if they're hurt.

What causes a fight?

To prevent a fight from happening again, figure out what caused it:
  • Hamsters should not be mixed in the same play area with other rodents. It doesn't matter if they're fed or usually really nice. Rodents will act on instinct and will kill other species.
  • Also, don't mix hamster species. Different hamster breeds can still fight to the death if they are placed in the same cage. A possible exception is the Campbells and Winter Whites.
  • If a cage is small, hamsters will fight for territory. It's better to have two cages or one large cage.
  • Usually, females kept together are more likely to fight than to males kept together.
  • If a hamster is pregnant, she will become extremely aggressive to male hamsters in particular. They need to be separated.


As you can see, most hamster fights start by fighting for territory or protecting oneself. In general, Chinese and Syrian hamsters like to have the cage to themselves. The other hamsters are more tolerant. See if you can change the caging arrangements. Hope this helps!

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