Hamster Food

Not quite sure what hamster foods are safe for your hamster? Learn more about hamster feed here.

Food Functions

Of course, food should nourish your pet and give it energy for a long, healthy life. Commercial feed often includes a variety of enhanced nutrients that will guarantee a balanced diet.

If you feed your hamster human food, make sure most of the diet consists of commercial feed.

Hamsters are also foraging pets. They naturally like searching for food. Sometimes I spread his feed and treats outside his cage and allow Spider-ham to find them. So food becomes a yummy toy/activity, too.

some of my hamster's food

Lastly, hamsters like to gnaw on something to file their ever-growing teeth. Some feeds consists of hard pellets which may be particularly useful for incisors.

Commercial Feed Varieties

In addition to satiating your pet, feed can also provide additional healthy benefits. Look for these enhancements:

  • organic
  • natural antioxidants for immune system
  • probiotics for digestion
  • omega-3 fats for heart, brain, and visual health
  • vitamins and minerals

Feed may come as pellets or a mixture of seeds and grains.

See Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Food for Hamsters/Gerbils, 5-Pound

some of my hamster's food

Hamster food can be really cheap, about $5 a pound. That doesn't sound like much but your hammy eats small portions. A 5 pounder for example can last a month or two.

If you buy a bigger bag, typically the cost will go down. A 5 pound bag may only cost about $3 a pound. That saves a lot!


You can purchase commercial treats to add to a hamster's diet occasionally. Learn more about them on the hamster treats page.

Another option for treats are human foods. You can learn more about human foods/treats here. Generally speaking, you want to avoid fatty foods that are empty calories, sticky and sharp foods that may injure their cheeks, and some toxic foods such as caffeinated or acidic. Feed human foods to hamsters with caution!

Keep It Sealed

You don't need to refrigerate commercial feeds. But keep the bags sealed, ziplocked for freshness.

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