Homemade Hamster Foods

Yummy and safe treats!

We all know that sharing is caring. So what kind of human foods can be hamster foods, too?

What They Eat In the Wilds

Syrians and Dwarf Hamsters all eat seeds, vegetation (such as grass and leaves), and insects. Not only do these foods provide nutrient, but vegetation and insects in particular may offer much needed liquid in dry areas. And with their two stomachs, they can digest just fine!

What are safe human foods you can feed them?

  • Fresh Fruit: apple (without seeds), banana, blackberry, seedless grapes, mango, pear (without seeds)
  • Fresh Vegetables: carrots, lettuce, cooked potato meat (but no potato skin or eye), brocolli, peas, cooked sweet potato
safe hamster foods
You can see a fuller list at wikipedia. Remember that hamster feed is a hamster's main source of nutrient. Human foods can be given as a occasional treat. Start feeding them in moderation. Too much will cause a hamster to have diarrhea or upset stomach(s).

What are poisonous or harmful foods?

  • Avoid: process foods, oily, sugary, sticky foods low in nutrient, sharp foods that may hurt their cheeks
  • (From what I know, you should also avoid corn.)
Notice on the list that some foods specify that it should be cooked before served. Others will specify to avoid the seeds and skin.

Old Food

Hamsters love to hoard their food. When you're cleaning it's cage, throw away the raw fruits and veggies that they're hoarding at their nest. This will prevent your hamster from getting sick with something spoiled. Don't worry, this is all conveniently listed on the Chores List for you.


When you're not sure if you should feed your hamster something, the best policy is to avoid feeding it to them. It's not worth it to try and end up poisoning your pet. Other than that, have fun surprising your hamster with a new treat!

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