Hamster Games & Training

Handy tricks to teach your hamster

Here are 5 simple but fun hamster games and training I really enjoy with my pet.

1. Hamster Come to me

Okay the most basic game is also practical. You want your hamster to come to you when you call it.

1. Hold a treat close to your hamster and call its name. Pull the treat close to you so it'll follow.
2. Do it enough that when you call it, it will start coming over. And have the treat ready for it at your end.

learn some hamster games
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2. Find the treats

1. Lay out a bunch of treats around the outside of the cage, in jars, under hideouts, etc.
2. Open the cage door and let your hamster go on a treasure hunt!

3. Just keep climbing.

For some reason, my hamster, Spider-ham really does enjoy climbing up a lot (we named him Spiderman for a reason!).

1.So I'll set it down near my lap and let it climb up my shoulder.
2. When it reaches, I'll take it back down and he'll have a go again. I get tired before he does. :D

4. How many can he eat?

1. Lay out some food in a line (healthy ones such a pellets).
2. See how many your hamster can stuff in his pouches. My hamster always runs back to his nest afterwards to release the food. Too cute!

5. Come to me (tapping)

This one is a variation to the first game. Instead of calling, tap the table or whatever you place your hamster. When the hamster comes over, treat it. Do this still your hamster gets the idea that it wants to go to where it taps.


Some people can train their hamsters to jump through hoops, roll over, and give them a paw (like with dogs). There are actually many tricks you can teach your hamster as long as you have patience.

My hamster will sometimes look expectingly at me even when I haven't called or tapped because he associates me with goodies. But I just stick with the really basic hamster games. I hope you'll enjoy these simplier ones, too!

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