Best Wire Hamster Habitat Review

Wire Hamster habitats are my personal favorite and a great choice for pet hamsters.

Pros: Hamsters have poor eyesight but great sense of smell. The free airflow in wire cages allow hamsters to experience what's outside the cage. They're also relatively easy to clean and lends itself enough room for accessories in the cage.

Cons: Bedding and other things may fall out the sides of the cage. It may be harder to admire your hamster through the wire bars.

Suggestion: Wire hamster cages are standard types of cages. They're simple and easy to use.

Dwarf Hamster
Cage Chart
Price Space Quality Expansion Clean
Deluxe Hamster Cage Moderate Good Good Available Moderate

I actually like that wire cages don't come with a whole lot of accessories. You can purchase quality water bottles and wheels for the cage. You can get more toys, hideaways and such that fits the cage just right. These cages offers floor space for you to do so. Of course, save some for your hamster to decide what to do with it!

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This Deluxe Wire Hamster Cage I picked out is a nice 22.5x12x12.5 inches. It isn't huge but offers a good amount of space. It also has a second "floor" for room play room. The base may help keep most of the bedding and debris inside the cage. The wire walls allow for water bottles and wheels (it comes with a wheel but it looks weak, IMHO). The base can be snapped off to clean in two pieces.

This is a simple cage setup. Would this fit your needs?

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