Best Hamster Habitats Review by Type

When you search for hamster habitats, you'll be bedazzled with different types of cages. Some may look like a wonderland, while others may offer you a host of goodies. Here I'll identify the most common types of cages (plastic modular, wire, aquarium, and dwarf cages) and let you know the pros and cons of each. You can make an informed decision on which type suits your family the best!

Plastic Hamster Cages

Plastic cages are most common amongst children who are attracted to the colors and accessories. However, they may come with some issues such as hard to clean, messy, and being too small.

Let's find out if plastic cages are the best choice for you.

Wire Hamster Habitat

Wire hamster cages are very popular with hamster owners. It has less parts than a plastic cage but gives room for you to add accessories for your hamster. They are usually sturdy and easy to clean. I use three of these cages and all have done a good job.

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Hamster Aquarium

Using a fish tank for a hamster cage may seem a little weird at first but they actually make a lot of sense! Aquariums are generally easy to clean, gives you an unobstructed view of your pet, and gives your hamster and you plenty of space for more accessories.

Find out if a hamster aquarium suits your desires...

Dwarf Hamster Cage

You might run into cages marketed as Dwarf hamster cages. If you have a dwarf, this may be interesting. The problem is they are small and just as pricey. But you may still like the fact that it's small. I've found a few cages that might still provide enough room for your dwarf hamster.

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