Best Hamster Habitrail Review

Ovo's Habitrails are definitely a line of cage worth mentioning. Next to Super Pets, it's probably the second most popular brand for cages.

Ovo touts the hamster Habitrail as innovative, contemporary, and creative.

What's the hype with this product line? And more importantly, does it deserve the slightly higher price as well? Let's find out...

The Habitrail

Unlike the typical rectangular cages, Habitrail starts with a base pod or dome shaped cage. The tubes to the cage lead to more round ends. The theory is that this weird shape actually mimics a hamster's natural burrow. If that's the case, that's good news for owners. A hamster that feels more comfortable are probably less likely to stress and get diseases (that's my conclusion anyways!).

See Habitrail Ovo Home, Blue Edition

Cage Accessories

The cage accessories are basically the same as Super Pet. They have tubes, wheels, etc. I have to admit that they do look cooler. And the color palete is easier on the eyes for adults! :)

The Ovo Habitat is somewhat like playing with Lego pieces. There are many possible outcomes to connecting Ovo tubes together.

See Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack

These connectors will also help you put your pieces together for a flexible and fun design.

See Habitrail Ovo Lock

The products are more well put together. They are simple to assemble and pretty/cool looking. Overall, the quality is better than the typical Super Pet cage.

More Toys

I haven't run into any out of cage toys by Ovo. But there is one accessory, I just love, the edible cardboard mazes. Not only can my hamster run around into the different quadrants of the maze, they can chew on it till there's no more. And you can choose a different design maze and let them do it all over again.

See Habitrail OVO Doll House Carboad Hamster Maze

The maze fits perfectly into the pod base of the habitrail. But for Super Pet users like myself, we can still place it in the cages for teeth filing.

Overall, I'm impressed with the Ovo Habitrail. I like their quality and the more natural shape is a plus. Although the prices are a little higher, if I didn't have any cages, I would consider starting out with a hamster Habitrail!

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