Hamster Hair Loss

What does hair loss indicate?

Hamster hair loss is usually the result or symptom of a condition. If your hamster is experiencing hair loss, try to narrow down what may be causing this.

*Disclaimer: I am not medically trained nor does this site present itself so. When your hamster displays symptomatic behaviors, always seek a licensed vet's opinion.

Normal Hair Cycle

Your hamster looses hair naturally when it gets older and in the summer. If your hamster is losing hair but is very active and healthy, it's probably just old age or shedding. If it's combined with other physical signs, then investigate.

hamster hair loss

Over Brushing and Petting

One possible reason to losing hair may be coming from human touch. Some people would comb their hamster's fur especially if they are a long haired hamster. A little combing lightly with a clean toothbrush to untangle hair is fine. Anymore is unnecessary. Excessive combing, petting, and making hamster wear clothes may contribute to losing hair.


If your hamster is scratching excessively and causing bald spots, it might be a mite. Read more about it here.

Infections and Skin Disorder

Sometimes the problem may to topical. You may see that the skin is red, sore, or glacious from a skin disease. If you see these conditions, seek a vet.


Just like humans, a poor diet will cause a range of physical manifestations. Always provide commercial feeds as a staple and then ocassional treats. A diet largely consisting of treats will most likely not provide the needed amount of nutrients.

Other Causes

There are other diseases and conditions that will cause your pet to lose hair but can be hard to determine. Allergies, liver, kidney, and other internal diseases may also cause hair loss. To make sure, visit your vet.

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