Hamster Health

How to recognize hamster health issues & maintenance

One of the best things you can do for your hamster is to take good care of its health. From the Hamster Care section you learned plenty on how to recognize healthy behaviors. How about when your hamster seems in pain or lifeless? Let's find out what it means and what to do about it.

7 Cool Hamster Anatomy Facts

hamster anatomy Every creature has their own unique and sometimes awe-inducing mechanisms. The hamster is no different. Though small in size and so cute looking, this beast packs a punch.

♦ Here are the 7 coolest things about the hamster's anatomy.

Common Hamster Illnesses & Symptoms

hamster illnesses Sometimes you're just not sure if your hamster is actually sick or just having a fussy day. But physical behaviors are the most telling when we want to know if our pet is sick or hurt.

Because hamsters can quickly start from being a little sick to deathly within a short time, it's our duty to notice the symptoms.

Here are some common symptoms of illnesses.

What is Hamster Wet Tail?

hamster wet tail Hamsters may be prone to cancer, obesity, and diabetes, but there's one disease that owners are particularly afraid of, Wet Tail disease.

How do you know if your hamster has this disease?

Find out as soon as possible to make sure. Your hamster may need medical attention right away.

Beware of Hamster Mites

hamster mites Troublesome little creatures! Mites will infect your hamster just like humans and cause your pet to scratch till no end. Luckily, a little spray will do the trick.

If you see these symptoms, use the spray.

Hamster Hair Loss

hamster hair loss Hair loss is one clear symptom that your hamster may be suffering...or it can just be old age.

Do you notice your hamster losing hair? What other symptoms do you notice?

Find out what it could mean.

Hamster Teeth Maintenance

hamster teeth Hamster teeth is a rodents life and blood (next to you of course!). A hamster that doesn't have proper teeth to chew may die of starvation.

♦ If your hamster has yellow teeth, broken tooth or other issues, what can you do to maintain their healthy teeth?

Hamster Hibernation

hamster hibernation Some people may think that hamster look like bears. But do they sleep through the winter like bears, too? Don't surprised when you find your pet in a deep sleep, it doesn't wake up when you call it.

♦ Here are some hamster health tips to notice when you start hearing the Zzzzs.

Hamster Breeding

hamster breeder Breeding hamsters is a serious matter. And if done right, a magical event. To breed your hamster, make sure you have all the room, time, and resources needed for the new pups.

Then learn all the details to being a successful hamster breeder.

Mourning Your Dead Hamster

dead hamster Sooner or later, every pet passes away. So it's our duty to make their life as happy as possible. Is it the right choice for you to euthanize your hamster? And what do you do after your hamster passes?

Consider your options for your last goodbye.

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