Hamster Hibernation

Deeper Slumbers

Hamster hibernation typically begins when the temperature dips below 40 °F/4 °C.

*Disclaimer: I am not medically trained nor does this site present itself so. When your hamster displays symptomatic behaviors, always seek a licensed vet's opinion.

Deep Sleeping

Hamsters do not fully hibernate through the winter like bears. Instead they simply sleep more than usual. And when they sleep, they fall deeper into sleep. Sometimes, it may be hard to wake them from such a slumber.

Some hamsters have been said to sleep days. Even when you touch it, it does not wake. This may startle the inexperienced hamster owner as it may appear that their hamster died.

hamster hibernation

Personally, I have yet to see my Syrian hamster sleep that deeply. He sleeps many more hours than usual though!

If you do run into a deep sleeper, you can still make sure it's okay by watching it's breathing.

When you do wake your hamster, make sure to let it fully wake up before touching it as it may be grumpy.

Goodies for Winter

Hamsters love to nibble on their hoarded food when they're cozy in their nest. For winter, provide plenty of food and water. Also, you may want to add extra bedding. Cotton in particular is perfect for snoozing on and keeping warm.


I love winter times. In those cold, merry days, I love snuggling into a couch and blanket with a good movie and hot chocolate. A perfect little addition would be my hamster, falling asleep on my warm laps! Wouldn't you enjoy that?

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