Best Hamster Homes Reviewed by Price

Whenever I shop, I like to know my budget first. If you're the same, this page is for you. Prices for hamster homes can range from below $25, $25-$50, and $50+.

Obviously, who wants to spend more money? But a cage if a hamster's home and safe place. A few extra bucks can really make a difference for your pet. It can also leave you worry-free. Have a look at all the cage selections before you decide!

Deluxe Hamster Cages ($50+)

hamster cages
These cages may be on the pricier side but offer your hamster maximum mobility. Your won't have to worry about your hamster getting stressed from lack of space. You can also add plenty of cage accessories if you want to. None of my selections are open to tubing but that's because they're not necessary!

See these cool deluxe hamster cages!

Medium to Large Cages ($25-$50)

You can get a fairly decent cage from a moderate price. For this selection, I wanted to emphasizes durability. If you have a durable cage, you can also find ways to expand them to create more room for your pet. These cages do just that!

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Cheap Hamster Cages ($25 and under)

When you look for cheaper cages, you need to be careful because it may cause you more headaches than they're worth! Cheap cages are often poor quality, small, and comes with defective accessories. If you let your hamster plenty of time to roam outside the cage, it may not be an issue with you.

Find tips on how to deal with cheap hamster cages...

Hamster Starter Kits

Like cheap hamster cages, starter kits have the same issue...a cheap cage. It's nice to have a pre-set supply of food and bedding which are good quality though.

See if the sample hamster starter kits here are a good package for you...

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