Hamster Maze

Hamster mazes are a ton of fun for you and your hamster.

Mazes can challege your hamster's (snack finding) navigation skills. But it won't last long! Hamsters can find their way around for miles and miles by scenting. You'll have to setup or create more complex mazes to challenge your hamster.

Some commercial mazes sold today are more decorative. But they are also edible so they can double up as a chew toy.

For humans, the mazes are just so darn cute, it's hard to resist!

Edible Hamster Mazes

Let's look at the commercial mazes first! These mazes fit perfectly into the Ovo Habitrail domes or loft. Your hamster will have many compartments to explore. The maze can also sit in other cages, too, but won't be fitted.

The designs will spice up your cage. It is also safe for your hamster to eat.

Habitrail OVO Beach Scene Carboad Hamster Maze

Habitrail OVO Tree House Carboad Hamster Maze

Habitrail OVO Doll House Carboad Hamster Maze

Habitrail OVO Truck Carboad Hamster Maze

Habitrail Ovo Maze Insert for 62620 Loft

Homemade Mazes

Creating your own mazes can be as easy or as complex as you want.

Here's a cardboard crate that was used to carry oranges. The holes are perfect for Spider-ham to climb and explore. You can also cut it up and design a more complex maze.

Hamster Maze

Here, is a beast more like an obstacle course than a maze. We made it via scrap wood blocks. So far, Spider-ham has yet to tame this beast! :D

Hamster Maze

So you see, homemade mazes will be fun for your hamster. Consider creating or buying one to add to your hamster's cage!

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