Hamster Mites

Tricky little bugs!

Hamster mites are treatable and easily visible condition. But they are a pain in the butt to treat. :(

*Disclaimer: I am not medically trained nor does this site present itself so. Always seek a licensed vet's opinion.

What are mites?

Mites are parasites that may burrow under your hamster's skin or live at the root of hair follicles. They feed on the oils and dead skin by biting the skin. They like to stay on warm bodies and may travel from one pet to another (i.e. dog to hamster).

And guess what? They can transfer to YOU, too!

hamster mites

Symptoms of infestation

If your hamster is losing hair and scratching itself a lot, check for mites. File through the fur, especially to look at the root. Mites are tiny and black but you can still see it if you look for it.

hamster mite remedy

There are cheap anti-mite sprays for these pests. You can see your vet for a recommended spray or buy one from a pet store/online. Make sure you got one that specifically says it's safe for small animal use! Use the spray as directed on bottle.

I had a fly infestation a while back. I tried to isolate them in the room. Then I'd spray them down consecutively for 5 days. I had to do this because they kept coming back. The lesson is make sure you really got all of them.

Throughly clean everything afterwards. If you have other pets, treat them as well. And check to make sure you're clear as well. Gross!

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