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Hamster Picture & Video Gallery

European hamsters are definitely not as widely photographed or filmed as their smaller pet cousins. But here are a few excellent pictures and videos. (If you have original work you'd like us to include, please feel free to email me.)

European hamsters
Courtesy Zita Fulop
European hamsters
Courtesy Zita Fulop
giant hamsters
Courtesy Zita Fulop

European Hamster - In Details

The European hamster carries all the signature hamster features such as pouches, the hunch stance, barrel shaped, and adorable look. I like how their whitish-pink paws really stand out against their black and gray coat.

Whether these creatures should be good pets or not, it's undeniable that they are a beautiful breed!

Shape: European hamsters generally have the same proportions as the smaller pet hamsters. Their body may be more elongated than the other more robust, barrel shaped hamsters. They have a visible tail, big round ears, and longer snout.
Length: On average, they grow as tall as 11-14 inches!
Agouti Coat: An adult European hamster has a mostly black coat. Younger ones will have a grayer color. Their undersides are all black which gives them the name Blackbellied. They also have brown and white patterns on the face and body which gives them a distinct look.
Markings: Brown face with white colored pouches.
Other Coat Colors: no recognized colors since it is not normally kept as a pet
Color Patterns: n/a
Coat Textures: n/a

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