Best Hamster Starter Kit Review

I have to admit, I don't think highly of most hamster starter kits. Starter kits usually consist of a cage, bedding, feed, and maybe a chew or snack pack. It sounds perfect for a new owner, right? Right?

Pros: A starter kit does cover the main components to caring for your hamster. The price can be a steal too!

Cons: The problem is the quality of cage. Usually everything else in the package are decent but the cage is just terrible: small, low quality, may not offer expansion, and usually comes with poor wheel and water bottle.

Suggestion: Starter kits can save you a few bucks if the cage is durable. Otherwise, you'll end up buying a new one and accessories, too.

Dwarf Hamster
Cage Chart
Price Space Quality Expansion Clean
Ware Critter Universe Cheap Moderate Moderate Available Not Easy
Home Sweet Home Cheap Small Moderate Not Available Easy

This Ware's Critter Universe comes with food and bedding from Carefresh. I've featured this cage before. Although the base size is 16x9.5x11.5 inches, the cage creates more room with a second floor. It also has tubing options to connect or add more space. Reviews did complain the the water bottle and wheel are weak. In this case, you can purchase new ones for a cheap price.

Ware Manufacturing Critter Universe Carefresh Hamster Cage Kit

Overall this product is still a favorite for the cheap price and starter items. I would check if everything is secure/intact, right when I get it though.

Ware's Home Sweet Home cage is smaller than the reviewed cage above, 15.5x9.5x9.25 inches. However, it does come with more goodies. The cage also doesn't allow tubing options so your hamster has whatever space inside the cage. But as I noted before, if you will be spending ample time with your hamster outside the cage, it is a very basic cage that does its job.

See Sunseed Hamster Kit

Assess your time allowance and check out cages in other price ranges!

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